Passive Income (English Language) – April 2020

Hello in this short guide I will show you how to get a passive income in a few simple steps, in my blog you will find several other guides, in Italian.

I want to share with you the progress made in these years, no matter what your goal is, if you follow these simple rules, you too will get results.

This platform, which I will link to you shortly, is not very well known, but has been paying its investors steadily for more than 10 years.

In order to make it work at its best, an adequate strategy must be followed, otherwise there will be no great results in the short term.

Don’t worry there is nothing complicated, you will have to spend a few hours the first few times, but after a few weeks, it will guarantee you passive income automatically, without you having to do anything.

Here you will find several projects sponsored by other users like you, the projects mainly concern commercial activities, of which users hold shares, which in turn are guaranteed by the platform.

In fact, before being accepted, the projects must exceed the requirements imposed by the platform and subsequently must be approved by the other investors.

All projects are guaranteed by the company that issued them and never fall below the minimum threshold, which is currently $ 3.

The shares purchased by users will increase their value over time in proportion to the shares sold daily.

The more shares are exchanged, the higher their sales value and the dividends released to their holders.

These dividends are issued (according to the company) daily, weekly or monthly.

The purchased shares can be resold at any time, there are no time constraints.

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The best projects, which guarantee higher dividends, are marked with A + which indicates their positive trend in the long run, the projects marked with the letters A- B + are less stable in the long run, useful for those who want to obtain returns from their sale in a short time. time, because they are subject to a sudden change in value (Speculative Shares), not suitable for those who want to keep them for a long time, due to their volatility.

Another “Recent” function of this platform is the deposit accounts, it is possible to deposit funds with paypal, bitcoin, litecoin, bank card and perfect money.

The minimum duration of a deposit fund is 1 month, the maximum duration is 3 months, the funds can be withdrawn in advance but in this case the interest accrued up to that moment will be lost.

Thanks to the invite a friend program, you can earn a commission on each invited friend, and also a commission on each purchase made by our friends.

Sign up for free from this link to evaluate the platform, if you want in this article I’ll explain how to recruit new customers.

The operations performed within the platform are guaranteed by the blockchain network, including payments made and received.

The blockchain guarantees a high level of security, guaranteeing all transactions performed.

If you don’t know how to recruit new referrals click here.

If you have any questions leave a comment.

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